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MATHIAS WILLIG GmbH becomes 100

Company's founder
Mathias Willig,
chase master and
sculptor for metal
It started 1908 in Munich:

Mathias Willig, a young ambitious chase master established a workshop for manual metal labours on the 1st November 1908 in

At that time he manufactured amongst others letters, shields, emblems, relief, luminaries and manual chase labours.
But the rented workshop got too small in the course of time. Master Willig went to Freising and erected a factory premises in 1929 in the Wippenhauser Street.

In1907 the company's founder manufactered as a 21-years old assistant this 3,80m high monumental figure at the company W. Weder & Sohn in
St. Gallen (Switzerland).
The continued development was indeed disrupted by the confusion of the war.

Immediately after the war the company activated with success its business connections in the federal territory.

At the same time Siegfried Willig, son of the founder, entered as managing proprietor in the company.
After the death of Mathias Willig, in the year of 1960 his widow Therese Willig became proprietor.

Because of the faithfulness of the employees and their application and ability, the company Wilig enjoys a good reputation not only in professional circles of the BRD.

Also in the European abroad and in overseas stands Willig for quality.

In the middle of the seventies the business volume had risen a lot, so it was necessary to look for new business premises.

On the 2nd February 1977 the Mathias Willig oHG aquired a factory real estate with buildings in the quarter Lerchenfeld.

Within a short time it was rebuilt, renovated and modernised.

Already on the 1st July 1977 the principal office could be transferred to the Moosstraße.
In the year of 1982 the senior head Therese Willig died.

The sons of Siegfried Willig, Christian and Armin Willig, were affiliated as proprietor in the company.

The company is managed today by the third generation and can in 2008 look back on its existence of 100 years.